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Careful planning now can protect you and those you love.  Unexpected events can leave you temporarily unable to speak for yourself.  By planning now, you can designate who you want to speak for you and provide instructions on what you want the designated person to say on your behalf. 

Likewise, being prepared for end-of-life decisions and death are also important.  Taking the time now to put down your preferences for end-of-life care allows the people that you designate to care for you in the same manner that you would care for yourself. Making specific designations for what happens to your belongings upon your death can provide peace of mind that the fruits of your hard work will pass along in a way that is consistent with your values and desires. Careful planning now can minimize strain on your family, tax liability, and the necessity of costly probate.

By making your wishes known in legally binding documents, you can be prepared for both the expected and unexpected based on your circumstances, values, and goals.  Let us help you develop a customized plan that meets your specific and unique needs.